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Under New Management
Since March 2020

Since 1991, Happy Maids Service has provided the entire metropolitan area of Houston with professional cleaning and maid service excellence.

Providing House Cleaning Services for More Than 29 Years

Happy Maids Services is widely recognized for our commitment to serving our customers while staying friendly to the environment. We have a history of excellence and dedication to our clients through providing professional and high-quality house cleaning services across Houston area.

We LOVE Houston

Now the new professional, dedicated and committed management are going to do their best to offer the best customer satisfaction experiences on the Houston market!

Remember, we are NOT a franchise. We are local business owner like you! Our reputation and our name are a relevant asset and are customers are our main reason of existence!

What We Offer

We provide a wide range of services. For your business, your house or construction site, we are ready to make everything shine! Fill the form below and receive a FREE ESTIMATE

Construction Site

Our company provides constructon site and pos contruction site cleaning services. We get the final detail job done, top to bottom cleaning and make ready for the new homwowners.

Office and corporate

We provide office and corporate buildings after hours daily and weekly cleanings. Call us for a in office estimate.


You don't need to work another shift when you get back home. Leave the hard work for us. We provide a professional house cleaning with diffetent packages and also with custom services in order to suit your especifc needs.

detailed services

In addition to our packages and suitable deals, we offer some detailed services such as: exterior cleaning, inside cabinets, closet and pressure washing services.

Our Vision

Be known as one of the companies that best serves the Houston community.

Our commitment is to offer an outstanding service with using friendly crews and right products for your home safety and needs.

During this momentary crisis we will be offering discounts for the community especially for senior homeowners! Call now and book your services! Your safety is our priority!

In order to control and making sure we are not only cleaning but also sanitizing the homes, we are using Lysol, Clorox, comet and Pine Sol. Remember just cleaning is not enough! Make sure you are using the right products at your home!

During this virus situation all crews are using mask and gloves in order to make sure that we are doing our best to contribute with our community!

If you are moving out, we can help!

Moving is always a stressful achievement process. In fact, most people say that moving is the most stressful, challenging and exhausting life experiences. Planning everything and getting things in order is a big time consuming. That’s way we exist.

Our job is to make your transition smooth and easy. Let’s us do the hard work and you keep focusing on what really matters.


Stop Coming Home to a Second Job shift

Don’t come home and star your second work shift. Time is LIFE and we want you to take care on what really matters. Your family is priority for you!

Call us and we will provide you with the best cleaning services on the Houston market. You can have full confidence and peace of mind in choosing Happy Maids Services.

Get a free in your home estimate 281-495-5912

Apartment Cleaning Services in Houston

Offering Outstanding Apartment
Cleaning for 29 Years
Our cleaning services for your apartment will surprise you and amaze you!

Every time we clean, we'll provide apartment cleaning services that include the following:


Cobwebs removed, dusting, floors cleaned, toilets cleaned, mirrors / chrome fixtures cleaned, shower doors cleaned, tile walls, bathtub / showers cleaned

Sleeping Areas

Surfaces hand wiped, floors cleaned, general dusting, cobwebs removed, doors and door frames spot cleaned

Living Areas

Surfaces hand wiped, cobwebs removed, doors and door frames spot cleaned, general dusting, floors cleaned


Countertops cleaned, outside of range hood cleaned, top and front of range cleaned, drip pans / glass top surfaces wiped, sinks cleaned and chrome shined.

One-Time Cleaning Service

Here at Happy Maids Services, we offer a customizable cleaning programs. No matter whether you need us to come by before a special event, spruce up your home before the holidays, or even clean before or after moving out, we can help.

Want to know what goes on the list?
Check out the following!


Our team will often start in this area of your home and will focus on your counters, cabinets, floors, back splashes, appliances, dishwasher, refrigerators, stove, oven exteriors, faucets, sinks, and more.


As one of the dirtiest parts of the house, we give a lot of attention to the bathroom(s). While there, we clean basins, sinks, bathtubs, tiles, faucets, counters, mirrors, towel racks, cabinets, and floors.


Your bedroom should be your sanctuary! Let our team make it look beautiful. When we visit, we will make your bed (or change sheets if you provide clean ones), clean tables, lamps, furniture, and more!

Living Areas

In your living room, we will clean all furniture, vacuum / sweep, and dust.

Gift Card!

A clean house is a Gift!

Here at Happy Maids you can send our team to your family member, friend and loved ones! Just click the button and sed your Gift Card Today!
They will love it!!

Our standard operational and safety procedures ensure germs and viruses are not spread between offices:
  • Teams wear disposable gloves on both hands
  • Gloves are disposed of throughout the clean as needed, and between locations
  • All cleaning cloths are used in only one office and removed from service for the day, then thoroughly laundered each night
  • Our vacuums and attachments, cleaning tools, shoe covers, and buckets are switched out or disinfected between locations and each night
  • Our teams are provided with antibacterial hand sanitizer to use while in the cars
  • All commonly touched exterior and interior surfaces of the teams’ cars are disinfected each evening
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